15.10 - COMPILE - Teradata Database

Teradata Database SQL Data Definition Language Syntax and Examples

Teradata Database
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December 2015
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Programming Reference
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This option performs the following actions.

C or C++ function Java function
Recompiles the code source for the specified function Recompiles the code source for the specified function
Generates the object code Generates the object code
Recreates the .so or .dll Distributes the related JAR files for the function
Distributes the .so or.dll file to all nodes of the system  

The existing function object is replaced by the recompiled version.

Recompile the UDF only. When you specify this option, Teradata Database does not distribute a new dynamic linked library to database nodes.
When you load a UDF onto another platform of a different type, the system marks it as not valid, and it must be recompiled. If there are many UDFs in one database, it saves time to specify the ONLY option for all recompilations to avoid having to generate and distribute a new library, until the last one is compiled in that database leaving off the ONLY option.
The COMPILE ONLY option is not valid for Java UDFs.