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December 2015
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The calling name for the method.

If the UDF library for your database contains any objects with multibyte characters in their name, you cannot use a single-byte session character set to create a new UDF, UDT, or method, even if the new object name contains only single-byte characters. Instead, use a multibyte session character set. Otherwise, Teradata Database returns an error to the requestor.

The name for a method object must conform to object naming rules. For object naming rules, see SQL Fundamentals, B035-1141.

method_name must be unique within the SYSUDTLIB database. You cannot give a method the same name as an existing method or any other database object contained within the SYSUDTLIB database.

method_name must match the spelling and case of its C/C++ method name exactly if you do not specify a specific_method_name or external_method_name. This applies only to the definition of the method, not to its use.

SQL supports function name overloading within the same method class, so method_name does not have to be unique within its class.

Parameter data types and number of parameters are used to distinguish among different methods within the same class that have the same method_name.

For more information about function overloading, see SQL External Routine Programming, B035-1147.

For information about instance methods and constructor methods, see the CREATE METHOD topic “Method Types” in SQL Data Definition Language - Detailed Topics, B035-1184.

The object is an instance method.
INSTANCE is the default.
The object is a constructor method.