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December 2015
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Suppose you create either of the following equivalent one-dimensional ARRAY/VARRAY types, the first using Teradata format and the second using Oracle-compatible format.

     CREATE TYPE phonenumbers_ary AS 
     CHARACTER(10) ARRAY[5];
     CREATE TYPE phonenumbers_ary AS 

A HELP TYPE request for phonenumbers_ary returns the following information.

     HELP TYPE phonenumbers_ary;
      *** Help information returned. 19 rows.
      *** Total elapsed time was 1 second.
Name phonenumbers_ary
      Internal Type A1
      External Type CV
         Max Length                121
        Array (Y/N) Y
         Dimensions                  1
       Element Type CF
           UDT Name ?
        Array Scope [1:5]
       Total Digits     ?
  Fractional Digits    ?
       Contains LOB N
           Ordering F
  Ordering Category M
   Ordering Routine LOCAL
               Cast N
          Transform Y
             Method Y
          Char Type  ?