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Teradata Database SQL Data Definition Language Syntax and Examples

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You can use accounts to:

  • Define database access priority.
  • Require the system to tag each session with a number, time stamp and date stamp for monitoring and accounting purposes.
  • Charge for space or processing resources used.

Teradata recommends that you devise an account system based on the jobs and resource requirements common to groups of users, and then assign one or more accounts to each profile for application to member users.

The first account listed for a profile is the default account for member users. You can specify the same account in more than one profile, if needed.

Specifying an account in a profile “creates” the account; the account does not exist independently in the database.

You can also define accounts in a CREATE USER or MODIFY USER statement, but the presence of an account in a user profile supersedes and invalidates any accounts specified in the user definition.

Active accounts and account assignments are listed in DBC.AccountInfoV.