15.10 - Effects of Shift Out and Shift In Characters on Export Widths - Teradata Database

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December 2015
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Shift Out and Shift In are control characters used to switch to a different character set and back for data exported to mainframes. Workstation-attached systems do not use the Shift Out and Shift In characters.

  • Shift Out shifts to an alternative character encoding, which for Teradata is always a double-byte encoding.
  • Shift In returns to the normal character encoding, which for Teradata is always a single-byte encoding.

Teradata Database assumes that all character strings (with the exception of CHARACTER SET GRAPHIC columns outside of Field mode) are in single-byte mode initially, and must be returned to single-byte mode before the string ends.

The following session character sets are affected significantly by Shift Out/Shift In considerations for export widths.

  • KatakanaEBCDIC
  • Any session character set that ends in the string '_0I'
  • Any site-defined session character set with STATEMACHINE SOSI0E0F.

For more information about these character sets in the context of session export widths, see International Character Set Support, B035-1125.