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Teradata Database SQL Fundamentals

Teradata Database
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For more information about:

  • Using primary indexes to enhance the performance of your databases, see Database Design, B035-1094.
  • Distribution and retrieval of the data controlled using the Teradata Database hashing algorithm, see “Row Hash and RowID.”
  • Partitioning considerations, including information on column partitioning, called Teradata Columnar, see Database Design, B035-1094, SQL Data Definition Language - Syntax and Examples, B035-1144, and SQL Data Manipulation Language , B035-1146 .
  • Details on all the restrictions that apply to primary indexes and partitioned primary indexes, see CREATE TABLE in SQL Data Definition Language - Syntax and Examples, B035-1144.
  • Criteria for selecting a primary index, see Database Design, B035-1094.