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Teradata Database and ANSI/ISO SQL standards restrict the use of certain words as identifiers because those words may be incorrectly interpreted as SQL keywords. Restricted words should not be used as database object names or as parameters in application programs that interface with the database. The categories of restricted words are:

Category Description
Reserved words These words are used as keywords by Teradata Database or ANSI/ISO SQL. They cannot be used as identifiers to name database objects, such as databases, tables, columns, or stored procedures. They also must not be used as macro or stored procedure parameters or local variables, host variables, or correlation names. Reserved words can be reserved by Teradata Database, by the ANSI/ISO SQL standard, or by both.
Future reserved words These words are likely to be used as Teradata Database, keywords in the future. Like reserved words, future reserved words cannot be used as identifiers.
Nonreserved words

These words may become keywords in the future.

Teradata does not recommend using Teradata Database nonreserved words as identifiers if these words are reserved words in the ANSI standard. These words may become Teradata Database reserved words in the future.

Teradata Parallel Transporter (Teradata PT) has a different set of restricted words.

You can use the SQLRestrictedWords view and SQLRestrictedWords_TBF function to see or query the restricted words in the current or previous releases of Teradata Database.

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