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December 2015
English (United States)
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The following describes the variable used by table expression.

"tables" :
Required, literal entry.
Must be lowercase.
The fully qualified name of an existing database table. The user invoking JSON_SHRED_BATCH must have the required privileges (INSERT, UPDATE, and so forth) on this table.

JSONID and ROWINDEX (uppercase or lowercase) are keywords. They are used to track the input JSON document ID value (the first column of the input query) and the index number for an input row, respectively. JSONID and ROWINDEX may be referenced in the table expression clause as a source value for the shredding operation.

In the process of shredding, a volatile table is created for each shred statement. A table can have a maximum of 2048 columns, so all the columns together from all the table mappings should not exceed 2044 columns (there are four internal columns). You can have 1 to N target tables, which can each have 1 to N columns, but the total number of all columns must not exceed 2044.