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December 2015
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JSON is a data type provided by the Teradata Database. You can use it the same way as other SQL data types.

  • JSON content is stored in Teradata Database in an optimized format depending on the size of the data.
  • The user is not responsible for executing the CREATE TYPE statement for the JSON data type. JSON data types do not need to be created via DDL by the user as the JSON data type exists in the database.
  • The JSON data type cannot be created, dropped, or altered by the user.
  • There are two points of commonality between all uses of the JSON data type in any valid location:
    • The maximum length of any instance of the JSON data type is variable. You may set the maximum length of the JSON instance, otherwise the default maximum length is used.
    • The CHARACTER SET for the text of the JSON data type can be either UNICODE or LATIN. If you do not specify the character set, the default character set of the user is used.