15.10 - Rules for JSON Data - Teradata Database

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December 2015
English (United States)
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  • JSON allows Unicode characters to be embedded in their hexadecimal formats in a character string using the '\u' string as an escape sequence. This is allowed within the JSON type, but the '\u' hex Unicode character is not interpreted; it is merely stored as is.
  • White space outside the root of the JSON object or array is trimmed for all instances of the JSON type. White space characters within the root of the JSON object or array are considered significant and are not removed.
  • There is a maximum limit of nesting imposed on a JSON instance. The limit is configurable up to a maximum of 32000 using the JSON_MaxDepth DBS Control Field. The default is 512.
    A nested object or array counts against this limit. For details about the JSON_MaxDepth field, see “DBS Control” in Utilities, B035-1102.
  • You can specify exponential numbers using scientific notation. The range of valid numbers is between -1e308 and 1e308, noninclusive. Exponents can have a value between -308 and 308, noninclusive. Any number or exponent specified outside of the valid range, whether explicitly stated or understood to be outside of that range based on the value of the mantissa, will result in an error.