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December 2015
English (United States)
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UBJSON is a binary storage format for JSON data. The UBJSON specification is located at http://ubjson.org/. UBJSON is designed to do the following:
  • Retain the simplicity of JSON by not introducing any extension to the JSON data types
  • Improve the storage space required and the ability to traverse the data
UBJSON provides the most benefits in the following cases:
  • When storage compactness is desired and documents have a large amount of numbers as values
  • When retrieval of portions of the document is more important or is done more frequently than insertion of the data

Numeric types are always serialized in little-endian format. This is a deviation from the proposed UBJSON standard which specifies that numeric types are stored in big-endian format. Teradata stores the data in little-endian format to optimize insertion and retrieval times.

Data cannot be imported to or exported from the database in the UBJSON format. UBJSON encodes strings in the UTF-8 character set, and the character set for UBJSON data when it is imported or exported as text is UNICODE.