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June 2017
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Determines whether the file system automatically merges data blocks together on storage cylinders during full table modify operations. Merging several small data blocks into a single larger block can improve system performance by reducing disk I/O.

Field Group

File System

Valid Settings

Setting Description
TRUE Automatic merging of data blocks is disabled.
FALSE Automatic merging of data blocks is enabled.



Changes Take Effect

After the DBS Control record has been written.

Usage Notes

During normal database operations, the data blocks that store table rows on cylinders can split and shrink, resulting in many blocks which are far smaller than the maximum allowed data block size. Full table modify operations for tables with several small data blocks require more disk I/O than would be required if the table rows were stored on fewer and larger data blocks. Teradata Database can merge the small data blocks of these tables automatically during full table modify operations, which can result in reduced I/O overhead and improved database performance.

Data block merging applies only to permanent and permanent journal tables.

If DisableMergeBlocks is TRUE, the MergeBlockRatio field is ignored.

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