16.10 - Commands - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Utilities

Teradata Database
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June 2017
English (United States)
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The following table summarizes the database commands.

Command Name Description
ABORT SESSION Aborts any outstanding request or transaction of one or more sessions, and optionally logs those sessions off the Teradata Database system.
CNSGET Returns parameters used by CNS to control the connections to console windows.
CNSSET LINES Sets the number of output lines that are buffered by CNS. These lines are output when DBW reconnects.
CNSSET STATEPOLL Sets how often CNS checks the state of the DBS.
CNSSET TIMEOUT Sets the interval between the time you type a request and the time CNS rejects the request because a program did not respond to the input.
DISABLE LOGONS/ DISABLE ALL LOGONS Prevents users from logging on to the system until the ENABLE LOGONS or ENABLE ALL LOGONS command is sent.
ENABLE DBC LOGONS Allows only new DBC users to log on to the system.
ENABLE LOCAL DBC LOGONS Allows only local DBC users to log on to the system.
ENABLE LOGONS/ ENABLE ALL LOGONS Allows any new users to log on to the system.
GET ACTIVELOGTABLE Shows the active row filtering status on any ResUsage table.
GET CONFIG Returns the current system configuration.
GET EXTAUTH Returns the current value of external authentication.
GET LOGTABLE Returns the logging status on any ResUsage table.
GET PERMISSIONS Returns CNS permissions for the specified connection-ID.
GET RESOURCE Returns the Resource Sampling Subsytem (RSS) collection and logging rates for the ResUsage tables.
GET SUMLOGTABLE Returns the Summary Mode status of ResUsage tables.
GET TIME Returns the current date and time on the system.
GET VERSION Returns the current running PDE and DBS version numbers on the system.
GRANT Grants CNS permissions for the specified connection-ID.
LOG Logs text to the database event log table (DBC.EventLog) and the message event log file for the current day.
QUERY STATE Returns the operational status of Teradata Database.
RESTART TPA Restarts or stops Teradata Database after optionally performing a dump.
REVOKE Revokes CNS permissions for the specified connection-ID.
SET ACTIVELOGTABLE Enables or disables active row filtering on any ResUsage table.
SET EXTAUTH Controls whether Teradata Database users can be authenticated outside (external) of the Teradata Database software authentication system.
SET LOGTABLE Enables or disables logging to any ResUsage table.
SET RESOURCE Changes the rates at which the RSS data is collected and logged.
SET SESSION COLLECTION Sets the session collection rate period.
SET SUMLOGTABLE Enables or disables logging in Summary Mode on most ResUsage tables.
START Starts a utility in one of the DBW application windows.
STOP Stops the utility running in the specified DBW application window.