16.10 - DBW Main Window - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Utilities

Teradata Database
Release Number
June 2017
English (United States)
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The following table describes the three main areas of the DBW main window.

This Area … Contains …
Menu Bar two pull-down menus:
  • File
  • Help
Status line
  • the connection identifier. This consists of the connection number by which this DBW console is known, followed by a slash and the total number of DBW consoles connected to the system.
  • the name of the node to which this DBW is connected.
  • the current status of the system.
When the PDE is running, the Supervisor Status line shows the status as Reading to allow you to enter commands into the Supervisor window.
Buttons the following subwindows:
  • Four DBW application windows. In each DBW application window, you can run one database utility or program at a time.
  • DBS I/O window. This window contains messages from database programs that are not running in DBW application windows.
  • Supervisor window. In the Supervisor window, you can run commands and execute utilities.
    Database commands run in the Supervisor window. Database utilities run in one of the DBW application windows.

These subwindows can communicate simultaneously with the Teradata Database.