16.10 - Mailing Crash Dumps to the Teradata Support Center - Teradata Database

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Teradata Database
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June 2017
English (United States)
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To mail a crash dump that has been saved to removable media:

  1. Label every cartridge or disk with the following:
    • The incident number.
    • The Teradata Database version number (for example, or
    • A Teradata Database dump or a UNIX® operating system dump.

    If applicable, write a volume number, such as 1 of 4, 2 of 4, and so on, on each cartridge or disk.

  2. Write the Incident number on the outside of the package.
  3. Include your name or some other person to contact as part of your return business address.
  4. Address the package to the following address:
    Teradata Corporation
    Dump Administrator
    Teradata Customer Support Engineering
    Ref.: Incident #number 
    17095 Via del Campo
    San Diego, CA 92127
The version, incident number, and volume number are necessary for the Teradata Support Center tester to know which installation the dump is reporting and how to load the crash dump properly.