16.10 - Revision History - Teradata Database

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Teradata Database
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June 2017
English (United States)
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Date Release Description
June 2017 16.10 CheckTable utility:
  • CheckTable now checks table-map relationships, and verifies that map information stored in the data dictionary (DBC.Maps table) matches information in the memory-resident MapInfo GDO .
  • PRIORITY option of CHECK command accepts a workload name to control or display workload in which CHECK will run.
Cufconfig utility
  • Updated UDFServerTasks. Valid range is 0-120. Default is 50.
DBS Control utility
  • Added ARC/DSA information to LegacySpaceAccounting field documentation.
  • New TruncRoundReturnTimestamp general field controls the return type when you pass a TIMESTAMP value to the TRUNC or ROUND system functions.
  • New fields to control IN-list rewrite query processing:
    • InListRewriteOption
    • InListRewriteThreshold
    • MaxNumInListRewrite
  • New LegacyUnAuthBehavior field controls whether typed unauthenticated user names are logged or obscured by being logged as "Non-existent User".
  • New fields to control aspects of how change-data-capture replication works when Teradata Unity is enabled:
    • CDCProtocol
    • ClientResetAction
    • MetaDataCapture
  • Updated Compress...DBs fields to indicate that BLC can be applied to all compressible LOB types (JSON, BSON, UBJSON, XML, and CLOBs).
  • Clarified effect of OverrideARCBLC on different types of data subtables.
DIP utility:
  • New DIPDBCCMT script initializes the comment string values for DBC tables, views, and macros.
  • New DIPCDC script creates infrastructure for Teradata Unity change data capture replication.
  • New DIPMAPS script.
Ferret utility:
  • New MAP command.
  • SCOPE command now accepts a MAP option.
  • Updated COMPRESS and UNCOMPRESS command documentation to indicate that BLC can be applied to all compressible LOB types (JSON, BSON, UBJSON, XML, and CLOBs).
Gateway Control utility
  • New auditnetsecurity option allows gateway to record in the gateway logs the level of encryption used by client interfaces that communicate with the gateway.
Query Config utility:
  • Output now includes map information.
Table Rebuild utility:
  • Added information about tables that use sparse maps.
Vproc Manager utility:
  • Output for STATUS command now includes map information.
  • New STATUS MAP command.
December 2016 16.00
Ctl utility:
  • UDF Debugging option on Debug screen enables debugging with new Eclipse-based (Studio) C/C++ and Java debuggers in addition to command-line debugger.
  • Added LocalDBC as a possible value for the Start With Logons field of the Debug screen.
Cufconfig utility:
  • GPLUDFServerMemSize field was added for the R support feature in 15.10. Now documented.
Database Window (DBW) utility:
  • Added ENABLE LOCAL DBC LOGONS database command.
DBS Control utility:
  • New DBS Control fields:
    • DATASET_AttributeSize
    • DefaultPermSkewLimitPercent
    • DefaultSpoolSkewLimitPercent
    • DefaultTempSkewLimitPercent
    • DictionaryDBSize
    • DisableDATASETValidation
    • DotNotationOnErrorCondition
    • EnableDATASET
    • GlobalSpaceSoftLimitPercent
    • LegacySpaceAcctg
    • MaxSetQueryBandSize
    • MiniCylPackHighWaterMark
    • OverrideARCBLC
    • ProratedSpaceDistPercent
    • WorkDBSize
  • Changed DBS Control fields:
    • Removed MDS is Enabled field.
    • Removed DisplacementOnOverlap field.
    • ALWAYS added as option to all Compress _xxx_DBs fields.
DIP utility:
  • New DIPDATASET script
Ferret utility:
  • New ALWAYS option added to SHOWBLOCKS and BLCINFO commands.
  • UNCOMPRESS command will not decompress table that have the BLOCKCOMPRESSION option set to ALWAYS.
  • New /S and /L display options added to SHOWCOMPRESS command.
gtwcontrol utility:
  • New options:
    • New -j option enables TDGSS-API PROXY authentication to secure channels at lower network layers.
    • --monitorlib sends gateway inbound and outbound traffic to a third-party appliance via the provider's supplied monitoring library.
  • Changed options:
    • -b option default changed to auto-tune.
    • Updated description of -u option to clarify purpose.
gtwglobal utility:
  • New statuses reflect stages when sessions that have been disconnected due to communications failure are reconnecting.
  • The DISPLAY SESSION LONG command output now includes the authentication negotiating mechanism used, if any, between the client and the Teradata Database gateway.
  • The DISPLAY SESSION command now allows specification of a list of sessions. The list can include ranges of sessions and individual sessions.
  • The DISPLAY SESSION command now supports showing all current sessions for a specified user.
  • The DISPLAY STATS command supports displaying statistics for all current sessions for a specified user. The command can automatically repeat at a specified interval (in seconds) for a specified number of times.
Show Locks utility:
  • Described HashID and JobID in output and updated examples. Added description of how DSA mediated archiving HUT locks are placed at job level.
Appendix: Starting the Utilities:
  • Removed discussion of HUTCNS from Starting the Utilities appendix. The HUTCNS utility was discontinued, starting with Teradata Database 16.00.