Create a Personal Book | Teradata Documentation FAQ - How do I create a custom book?

Teradata Documentation FAQ

September 2021
English (United States)
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  1. Log in.
  2. While viewing the content you want to add to a personal book, select "".
  3. Select Add to a personal book ("").
  4. In the Add to a personal book dialog box, select a specific topic or a set of topics.
  5. Select New personal book.
  6. Enter a name and description for the custom book, then select Save.
  7. Use one of the following options to add content to the new book.
    Option Steps
    Write a new topic
    1. Select My Library > Personal books.
    2. Select the custom book to edit.
    3. On the Edit personal book tab, select Write a topic.
    Add an existing topic
    1. Open the topic to add to your personal book.
    2. Select "".
    3. Select Add to personal book ("").
    4. From To personal book, select the appropriate personal book, then select Save.
    • Teradata cannot guarantee the completeness and accuracy of personal books.
    • Do not share personal books outside your company.