16.20 - Ecosystem Manager Monitor Execution - Teradata Ecosystem Manager

Teradata® Ecosystem Manager API Reference

Teradata Ecosystem Manager
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December 2020
English (United States)
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The Ecosystem Manager Monitor executes each metric collector on its own thread. When the Ecosystem Manager Monitor starts, it creates a scheduler that allows each metricCollector to run on its own timer, where the interval is specified in the Monitor configuration file. When a metricCollector is initialized, the Ecosystem Manager Monitor creates a new instance of the monitorClass specified.

After the class is initialized, the monitor executor calls the collectStats, a method from the monitorClass. After the collectStats completes, the Ecosystem Manager Monitor iterates all the metrics defined within the specified metricCollector. Each metric is invoked on the metricCollector object, one at a time. When a metric is invoked, the Ecosystem Manager Monitor executes the getStat from the monitorClass with the parameters specified within the Monitor configuration file.

After all of the getStat calls have been executed, the Monitor takes all of the getStat return values and metric resource types and passes them to the Publisher mechanism.