16.20 - Multi-Valued Health Check Events - Teradata Ecosystem Manager

Teradata® Ecosystem Manager API Reference

Teradata Ecosystem Manager
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December 2020
English (United States)
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Health checks can contain multiple metrics reported on within a single sendevent call. The separator for multi-value parameters is the tilde (~) character.

sendevent -e TD1 -r ETL1 -t FREEDISK~USEDDISK --et HCHK –v 98~2 -s ETL1 
-u etlroot

The above multi-value event is expanded into the two following events within Ecosystem Manager:

sendevent -e TD1 -r ETL1 -t FREEDISK --et HCHK –v 98 -s ETL1 -u etlroot
sendevent -e TD1 -r ETL1 -t USEDDISK --et HCHK –v 2 -s ETL1 -u etlroot

For health check events, only the -v, -t, and --whs flags can have multi-valued parameters. When sending a multi-valued event, all the parameters, which are capable of containing multiple values, must have 0, 1, or n values, where n is a number greater than 1.

sendevent -e TD1 -r ETL1 -t USEDDISK~FREEDISK --et HCHK –v 2~3~4 -s ETL1 -u etlroot

For example, when sending an event with m and n values for the parameters defined, as shown above, the sendevent errors generate the following message: Invalid number of parameters passed. All the multi-valued parameters must have the same number of values, or 0 and 1.