16.20 - Client Applications Built with Teradata MSM Header Files Earlier than 14.00 and Calling Ecosystem Manager 16.20 API - Teradata Ecosystem Manager

Teradata® Ecosystem Manager API Reference

Teradata Ecosystem Manager
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December 2020
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Support is not provided for client applications running on AIX platforms. The 32-bit applications built with header files from releases earlier than Teradata MSM 14.00 cannot invoke 32-bit Teradata MSM/Ecosystem Manager API on 64-bit AIX systems. However, 64-bit applications can invoke 64-bit Teradata MSM/Ecosystem Manager API on 64-bit AIX systems.

By default, the 64-bit Teradata MSM/Ecosystem Manager API is invoked by the 64-bit client application. The 32-bit client applications must export TMSM_HOME to /opt/teradata/client/tmsm/32 on current local session to use 32-bit API on 64-bit systems. For Ecosystem Manager 16.20, export TMSM_HOME to /opt/teradata/client/em/32.

Changing TMSM_HOME back to /opt/teradata/client/tmsm allows 64-bit client applications to use the 64-bit API. For Ecosystem Manager 16.20, change the path for TMSM_HOME to /opt/teradata/client/em/32/lib.

The environment variable TMSM_HOME accepts only one value for the current session and invokes the corresponding 16.20 API.

To use the API functions added in Teradata MSM 13.11 and 14.00, 32-bit client applications must link to libtmsmapistub.so/libtmsmapistub.sl present in /opt/teradata/client/tmsm/32/lib. For Ecosystem Manager 16.20, the path should be /opt/teradata/client/em/32/lib.

For example:

gcc $(LDLAGS) -o SendStart32 SendStart.o $(LIB) -lc -ldl -lnsl -luuid 
-ltmsmapistub -L/opt/teradata/client/tmsm/32/lib