MSM_WSendStep - Teradata Ecosystem Manager

Teradata® Ecosystem Manager API Reference

Teradata Ecosystem Manager
Release Number
December 2020
English (United States)
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Product Category
Analytical Ecosystem


Sends a STEP event to Ecosystem Manager. If the pCtx parameter is null, the function returns immediately and no event is sent.

Wide character:

void MSM_WSendStep( TMContext* pCtx, MSM_UOW* pUOW,wchar_t *szTDPID, wchar_t *szResourceId, wchar_t *szResourceType, wchar_t *szJobStep, wchar_t **szDMLModes, unsigned int numDMLMode, wchar_t **szAffectedDatabaseNames, unsigned int numAffectedDatabaseNames, wchar_t **szAffectedTableNamea, unsigned int numAffectedTableNames, long *lActivityCounts, unsigned int numCounts )

Narrow character:

void MSM_OSendStep( TMContext* pCtx, MSM_UOW* pUOW,char *szTDPID, char *szResourceId, char *szResourceType, char *szJobStep, char *szDMLMode, char *szAffectedDatabaseName, char *szAffectedTableName, long lActivityCount )

TMContext* pCtx: Messaging context pointer returned by TM_Init.

MSM_UOW* pUOW: Unit of work pointer returned from MSM_OCreateUOW( );.

wchar_t *szTDPID: TDPID of the Teradata system the where the utility is logged on.

wchar_t *szResourceId: Identifies the Ecosystem Manager Resource identifier that specifies the job.

wchar_t *szResourceType: Type of job.

wchar_t *szJobStep: Uniquely identifies the processing step for the utility. This must be distinct across all STEP events in a given job.

wchar_t **szDMLModes: Type of operation done on the table.

unsigned int numDMLMode: Number of DML modes specified in the szDMLModes parameter.

wchar_t **szAffectedDatabaseNames: Databases that the affected tables reside in. For multi-value events, there can be multiple databases defined.

unsigned int numAffectedDatabaseName: Number of databases specified in the szAffectedDatabaseNames parameter.

wchar_t **szAffectedTableNames: Name of the affected tables. For multi-table events, there can be multiple tables defined.

unsigned int numAffectedTableName: Number of tables specified in the szAffectedTableNames parameter.

long *lActivityCount: Number of rows applied to the table in the specified DML mode during this step. For a multi-value event, there can be several update counts specified.

unsigned int numCounts: Number of entries in the lActivityCount parameter.