16.20 - Assigning Triggers to Tables in Bulk - Teradata Ecosystem Manager

Teradata® Ecosystem Manager User Guide

Teradata Ecosystem Manager
Release Number
December 2020
English (United States)
Last Update
  1. Click next to Tables.
  2. Click Bulk Assign Triggers.
  3. Click Assign.
  4. Next to Tables for Assignment, click .
  5. Select the box next to each database and table to assign a trigger for validation, and then click .
    The selected tables appear on the right.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Next to Triggers for Assignment, click .
  8. Select the box next to each job event to assign as a trigger, and then click .
    The selected jobs appear on the right side.
  9. Click OK.
    The selected jobs appear in a list under Triggers for Assignment.
  10. Select the event type for the jobs listed.
    Event Type Description
    START Signals the start of a job.
    END Signals the last or exit step of a job or unit of work.
    HCHK Reports the current value of metrics for the data source.
    ALERT Sends an alert.
    Heartbeats are used to monitor job events.
  11. Click Apply for the changes to take effect.