Configuring the Ecosystem Explorer Dashboard - Teradata Ecosystem Manager

Teradata® Ecosystem Manager User Guide

Teradata Ecosystem Manager
Release Number
December 2020
English (United States)
Last Update
Product Category
Analytical Ecosystem
Set up applications to monitor the synchronization of tables on the dashboard.
  1. Select the systems to monitor on the dashboard.
    1. Click Global Parameters.
    2. Next to Data Seeding, from the Teradata system (truth) menu, select the system.
    3. For Teradata System 2-4, select all other systems that must be in sync.
    4. Click Apply.
  2. Make sure the servers are listed in Ecosystem Configuration portlet following steps in Adding a Server to Monitor if needed.
  3. Add tables and associate with the Teradata Database following steps in Adding a Table.
  4. Create a standalone table validation using the steps in Adding a Stand Alone Table Validation.
  5. Create an application using the steps in Adding an Application.
  6. Add tables as dependencies for the application.
    1. Click Applications, and then select the application.
    2. Click the Dependencies tab.
    3. In the Show menu, select Tables
    4. Click and then select the tables.
    5. Click to move tables to the the selected tables.
    6. Click OK.
    7. Click Apply.
  7. Run table validation to check system sync on the dashboard.
    You can also configure Step 3 to Step 6 through self registration of servers, tables, and applications using existing TTU, Data Mover and Unity Instrumentation with Ecosystem Manager.