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Teradata Ecosystem Manager
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December 2020
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Analytical Ecosystem

Ecosystem Manager helps provide high availability in a multisystem environment. Failure in any component can cause an application outage. Fallback components increase availability during planned and unplanned outages. Ecosystem Manager monitors all the components and understands the impact of failures to application availability.

During a failure situation, Ecosystem Manager and Viewpoint are still available if your environment is configured for high availability. A high availability configuration requires at least two Ecosystem Manager servers and two Viewpoint servers. For most failure conditions, Ecosystem Manager provides automatic failover to a fallback Ecosystem Manager server. The Viewpoint servers monitor the active Ecosystem Manager server and trigger the failover sequence when any component fails.

Failover works as follows:
  1. A failover monitor daemon runs on the active Viewpoint server and monitors the key components on the active Ecosystem Manager server.
  2. If a key component on the active Ecosystem Manager server fails, the failover monitor detects the failure and initiates the failover to the standby Ecosystem Manager server.
  3. The failover monitor shifts to the standby Viewpoint server and begins monitoring key components of the standby Ecosystem Manager server.
  4. The standby Ecosystem Manager server now acts as the active Ecosystem Manager server and attempts to restart the key components in a standby mode on the previously active Ecosystem Manager server.
V iewpoint Server (Active) Failover monitor on Data Center A Key Components V iewpoint Server (Standby) Failover monitor o f f EM Server (Standby) Data Center B Key Components EM_002 EM Server (Active)
Key Component Description
Network accessibility Connects to the network
Internal repository Stores information in Ecosystem Manager repository
ActiveMQ service (tdactivemq) Allows message exchanges between the Teradata Alerts components
Publisher service (empublisher) Sends events to the message bus
Event consumer service (emeventconsumer) Receives events from all event agents and writes to database
Control service (emcontrol) Runs remote custom scripts and state change control scripts
Control agent service (emcontrolagent) Runs scripts as requested by the Control service