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Teradata® FastLoad Reference - 17.20

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June 2022
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Using the FastLoad Utility

Teradata FastLoad is a command-driven utility which can be used to quickly load large amounts of data in an empty table on a database. If you are a system and application programmer or a system administrator, Teradata® FastLoad Reference will be helpful for you to understand the operating features and capabilities of the FastLoad utility.

Why Would I Use this Content?

This document describes the features, functionalities and significant aspects of Teradata FastLoad utility. To get a thorough understanding of the operational impact of FastLoad, users must go through the document. This document also describes the FastLoad commands and Teradata SQL statements which can be executed from the FastLoad utility.

How Do I Use this Content?

This document is intended for system and application programmers and system administrators. Use this content to get an idea about how to use Teradata FastLoad from start to end. Read the Overview topics at the beginning of each section in the guide, which will give you a brief introduction about the respective section.

How Do I Get Started?

Start with the Overview section to learn about the product, prerequisites, and system requirements. Proceed to the respective chapters as per your requirements, such as:

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