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The following table describes the things to consider when using the QUIT command. For more information about restarting a paused job, see Restart a Paused Teradata FastLoad Job.

Usage Notes for QUIT 
Topic Usage Notes
Pausing Teradata FastLoad If the QUIT command is entered after a BEGIN LOADING command, but before the END LOADING command, the Teradata FastLoad job pauses, and can be restarted later.
Locked Tables When a Teradata FastLoad job pauses during the loading phase, the database locks the tables named in the BEGIN LOADING command. The tables remain locked until an END LOADING command is entered.
Terminating Return Codes When a Teradata FastLoad job terminates, the utility returns a code indicating the way the job completed:
  • Code 0—Normal completion. The job completed successfully and according to the specified plan.
  • Code 4—Warning. A warning condition occurred. Warning conditions do not terminate the job.
  • Code 8—User error. A user error, such as a syntax error in the Teradata FastLoad job script, terminated the job.
  • Code 12—Fatal error. Job is terminated. A fatal error is any error other than a user error.