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Teradata® FastLoad Reference - 17.20

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June 2022
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This section covers the things to consider when running a multifile Teradata FastLoad job.

A multifile Teradata FastLoad job is one that loads the Teradata FastLoad table with input data from more than one source. Do this by performing the following tasks:
  1. Using a LOGOFF command, with no END LOADING command, to intentionally pause the Teradata FastLoad job after the job has been initiated and loaded the data from the first source.
  2. Successively restarting and pausing the Teradata FastLoad job to load the data from each subsequent input source.
  3. Using an END LOADING command to terminate the Teradata FastLoad job after the data from the last input source has been loaded.
When running a multifile Teradata FastLoad job, the Teradata FastLoad table and the two error tables remain locked and are not available to users until the END LOADING command is used to conclude the Teradata FastLoad job.

The following subsections provide example Teradata FastLoad job scripts that show how to load a table called Fast_Table with data stored in three different input data sources (FirstFile,SecondFile, and ThirdFile). Command Functions describes each of the commands in the three job scripts.

For a complete example using all loading commands, see INMOD and Notify Exit Routine Examples.