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The following table describes the things to consider when using the RECORD command.

Usage Notes for RECORD 
Topic Usage Notes
Entering the RECORD Command Enter the RECORD command before the INSERT statement in the Teradata FastLoad job.

If a RECORD command is not used, Teradata FastLoad reads from the first record in the data source to the last record, unless the job is restarted.

Restarting Teradata FastLoad Jobs When a job restarts, if the CHECKPOINT option is enabled, the utility begins reading at the next record immediately after the last checkpointed record.
Invalid Record Numbers The RECORD command cannot specify invalid record numbers, such as:
  • An endrecordnumber less than a startrecordnumber
  • A negative value

If an invalid record number is specified, Teradata FastLoad returns an error message:

  • If the error occurs before the BEGIN LOADING command, then all Teradata FastLoad sessions are logged off and the utility is exited.
  • If the error occurs after BEGIN LOADING, then the job pauses (all Teradata FastLoad sessions are logged off and the tables named in BEGIN LOADING remain locked until END LOADING is executed).
THRU Specification If the THRU endrecordnumber parameter is not specified, Teradata FastLoad begins to read at startrecordnumber and continues until it finds the last record in the data source.