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The following table describes the things to consider when using the SESSIONS command.

Usage Notes for SESSIONS 
Topic Usage Notes
Database Support TASM If the database supports TASM, the SESSIONS command has no effect since the number of sessions is determined by the database setup rules. If FastLoad must connect to the exact number of sessions required by the database, otherwise FastLoad will displays the following message and terminates the job:

The number of FastLoad connections (n1) is not the same as the number of connections returned by CHECK WORKLOAD END (n2) where n1 is the number of sessions that FastLoad can connect and n2 is the number of sessions that FastLoad must connect to required by the database.

Entering the SESSIONS Command The SESSIONS command must be entered before the LOGON command in the Teradata FastLoad job.
Session Number Limits Regardless of the number of sessions specified, the actual number of sessions Teradata FastLoad uses is limited to the number of AMPs available on the database. Thus, there is no guarantee that the number of sessions specified in the command will actually be logged on.
Reported Number of Sessions Teradata FastLoad reports the number of sessions logged on when a LOGON command is executed.
Invalid Number of Sessions The maximum relevant number of sessions which can be specified is 32767. Teradata FastLoad disregards any larger number and logs on for as many sessions as it can, one session per available AMP as indicated in the Teradata FastLoad error message:
FDL4867 Invalid number of sessions requested
FastLoad will log on as many sessions as possible