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The following table describes the things to consider when using the TENACITY command.

Usage Notes for TENACITY 
Topic Usage Notes
Function The TENACITY specification works with the SLEEP specification to control Teradata FastLoad logon attempts.

When Teradata FastLoad tries to log on for a new session, and the database indicates that the maximum number of load sessions is already running, Teradata FastLoad:

  1. Logs off any new sessions that were logged on.
  2. Waits for 6 minutes, by default, or for the amount of time specified by the SLEEP command.
  3. Tries again to log on to the database.

Teradata FastLoad repeats this process until it has either logged on for the required number of sessions or exceeded the amount of time specified by the TENACITY command.

For more information on how the TENACITY command interacts with the SLEEP command, see Usage Notes.

The utility default for TENACITY is no tenacity. A Teradata FastLoad configuration file entry, the runtime parameter, or a TENACITY command must be used in the Teradata FastLoad job script to enable the tenacity feature for the Teradata FastLoad logon operation.
Command Placement Command placement affects the logon operation. State the TENACITY and SLEEP commands before the LOGON command in the Teradata FastLoad job script. Teradata FastLoad terminates with an error message if the Teradata FastLoad job script states the TENACITY or SLEEP command after the LOGON command.
Command Overrides The TENACITY and SLEEP command specifications override the corresponding TENACITY and SLEEP specifications that may be made in the Teradata FastLoad configuration file.

Similarly, the TENACITY and SLEEP command specifications themselves are overridden by the corresponding specifications made as runtime parameters when invoking Teradata FastLoad.

The order of preferences for the TENACITY and SLEEP specifications, from highest to lowest, is:
  1. Runtime parameters
  2. Teradata FastLoad script commands
  3. Teradata FastLoad configuration file specifications
  4. Teradata FastLoad default values