Restart the FastLoad Job if Paused During the Loading Phase | Teradata FastLoad - 17.00 - Restarting the Job if the Teradata FastLoad Job was Paused During the Loading Phase - FastLoad

Teradata® FastLoad Reference

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June 2020
English (United States)
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  1. Remove the CREATE TABLE statement and any DROP TABLE and DELETE statements from the Teradata FastLoad job script to prevent the restarted job from dropping the partially loaded Teradata FastLoad table or deleting the entries in the two error tables.
  2. Invoke Teradata FastLoad to start the job.
    The Teradata FastLoad utility performs the following tasks:
    • Establishes new sessions using the LOGON command.
    • Reads the restart log to determine the restart point.
    • In response to the BEGIN LOADING command, indicates that the job is being restarted.

    If, for example, the job had a checkpoint specification of 100, and the failure occurred at row 1100, the Teradata FastLoad response would be as follows:

    FastLoad RESTARTED
    The last checkpoint was taken at    row: 1100
    FastLoad will now restart at    row: 1101
    If the Teradata FastLoad job was paused during the loading phase and uses an INMOD routine, the INMOD routine must be able to handle restarts and checkpoints when restarted in the loading phase. Following a restart, Teradata FastLoad passes a status code of 2 or 4 to an INMOD routine that is participating in a load operation. The routine must adjust the record to be read to the position of the last checkpoint and, upon subsequent calls, send records to Teradata FastLoad.