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June 2021
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This section covers Teradata FastLoad’s data transfer capabilities.

On workstation-attached workstations, Teradata FastLoad uses the TCP/IP network protocol for all data transfer operations.

On mainframe-attached systems, Teradata FastLoad transfers data as either:
  • A multi-volume data set or file
  • A number of single-volume data sets or files in separate Teradata FastLoad jobs

Serial Teradata FastLoad operations can be restarted by loading the next tape in a series instead of beginning with the first tape in a set.

In either case, Teradata FastLoad does one of the following:
  • Uses multiple Teradata sessions, at one session per AMP, to transfer data
  • Transfers multiple rows of data within a single message
Also, in either case, until the Teradata FastLoad job is completed and the data loaded into the Teradata FastLoad table:
  • There is no journaling or fallback data
  • The secondary indexes cannot be defined