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Teradata® FastLoad Reference

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June 2021
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Programming Reference
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English (United States)

Teradata FastLoad is a command-driven utility which can be used to quickly load large amounts of data in an empty table on a database.

Data can be loaded from the following:
  • Disk or tape files on a mainframe-attached client system
  • Input files on a workstation-attached workstation
  • Special input module (INMOD) routines written to select, validate, and preprocess input data
  • Any other device providing properly formatted source data

Teradata FastLoad uses multiple sessions to load data. However, it loads data into only one table on a database per job. To load data into more than one table in the database, multiple Teradata FastLoad jobs must be submitted, one for each table.

Full tape support is not available for any function in Teradata FastLoad for workstation-attached client systems. To import data from a tape, write a custom access module that interfaces with the tape device. For information about how to write a custom access module, see the Teradata® Tools and Utilities Access Module Programmer Guide, B035-2424.