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The following table describes the things to consider when using the ERRLIMIT command.

Usage Notes for ERRLIMIT
Topic Usage Notes
Limiting Insertion Errors Use the ERRLIMIT command to limit the number of insertion errors captured in the first error table (errortname1) during the loading phase of a job. Processing terminates when the number of errors encountered reaches the error limit.

If, for example, errors are not expected in the input data, set the error limit value to one. In this case, the job terminates when any record causes an error.

Note, however, that when the specified error limit is reached, Teradata FastLoad continues processing until each session completes its current data block. This continued processing can cause the total number of error rows captured in the first error table to exceed the ERRLIMIT specification.

Restarting a Job A job can be restarted from the last checkpoint if it terminates because the error limit is reached. If checkpoints were not taken, restart the job from the beginning.