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June 2021
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Programming Reference
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Teradata FastLoad stores the input data records related to constraint violations, conversion errors, unavailable AMP conditions, and unique primary index violations in the two error tables specified in the BEGIN LOADING command.

The following table lists error tables.

Error Tables 
Table Stores Records That Produced These Error Types
  • Constraint violations
  • Conversion errors
  • Unavailable AMP conditions

These types of errors always occur during the loading phase of the Teradata FastLoad job after executing the BEGIN LOADING command, but before the END LOADING command.

errortname2 Unique primary index violations

This type of error always occurs during the end-loading phase of the Teradata FastLoad job after executing the END LOADING command.

Teradata FastLoad discards all records that produce a duplicate row error, but includes the total number of duplicate rows encountered, along with the total records in each error table, in the end-of-job status report.