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June 2021
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The following table, the first error table, errortname1, has three columns:

errortname1 Columns 
Column Contains
DataParcel Entire data record, as provided by the source producer operator

DataParcel is used as the primary index for the first error table. The data record string can be up to 64,000 bytes, depending on which version of the the database the job is run against.

ErrorCode Database return code for the error condition, as specified in Teradata Vantage™ - Database Messages, B035-1096
ErrorFieldName Name of the data item that caused the error condition, as specified in the fieldname attribute of the DEFINE command in the Teradata FastLoad job script
If the length of the data item name is greater than 120 characters, the database truncates the data item name to the length of 120 characters.

The format of the second error table, errortname2, is identical to that of the Teradata FastLoad target table.