ICOP Project Plan - Teradata IntelliCloud

Teradata® IntelliCloud™ for On-Premises Customer Hosting Guide

Teradata IntelliCloud
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October 2019
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Product Guide
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The ICOP project plan includes the parties defining the technical requirements, planning and building the IntelliCloud-managed infrastructure zone in the customer data center, and implementing the service. Teradata works with ICOP customers to jointly manage the project throughout the subscription term.

Defining Phase: Technical Requirements

Determine the following information:
  • Number of data centers
  • Active TCore and Customer Data Space (CDS) capacity
  • Reserve TCore and CDS capacity
  • Number of Teradata Vantage instances
  • Number of backup generations
  • Ecosystem application support
  • Business continuity elements

Defining Phase: Project Plan

  • Establish the project plan and timeline.
  • Assign project managers.

Building Phase

  • Finalize the network connectivity interface design.
  • Allocate floor plan space.
  • Configure Vantage instances for deployment.
  • Initiate purchase orders for equipment to support implementing the data center.

Implementing Phase

  • Deploy the IntelliCloud ecosystem.
  • Migrate data.