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Teradata Listener
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March 2019
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The following table lists known issues for Teradata Listener, by feature area:
Issue Description Work Around
UDALIS-6993 In the response for HDFS systems, Listener returns a port that is a datatype string instead of the expected datatype int. This does not affect system functionality.
UDALIS-6724 If you use 80 or more characters for the source name (100 characters is the maximum), the 1m TIME filter option may not be visible in the filter bar for certain versions of Chrome and Firefox on Windows. Adjust the browser zoom to see all TIME filter options.
UDALIS-3794 If an associated target contains dead-letter records, only an administrator can view the source details in the UI. Use the Get a Source REST API to retrieve the source details.
UDALIS-6935 If you attempt to unstar a source that is already unstarred using the API, Listener returns an incorrect 500 Internal Server Error message. This does not affect source functionality.
UDALIS-6862 If there are more than 50 bad records, only the first 50 records can be retrieved from the UI. Use the Retrieve Dead-Letter Records REST API to retrieve all bad records.
UDALIS-6960 Listener allows you to create a QueryGrid target with the API when QueryGrid is not configured and does not return an error. Make sure QueryGrid is configured before creating a QueryGrid target with the API.