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Meta Data Services
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February 2015
English (United States)
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Teradata Tools and Utilities

Improvements are changes to existing features that enhance the operation of Teradata Meta Data Services software.

MDS Improvements
Improvements Description
MDS-3196 Improve support of Kanji names.
MDS-3252 Metaload -h text needs to indicate that -d and -u parameters cannot use U& names
MDS-3328 The Repository Explorer Search feature allows access to object version history information and provides the ability to compare object version information.
MDS-3368 Delete inactive objects when AIM/Class versioning is turned off.
MDS-3387 Add ability to View & Delete entries in the MDS Activity Trail and the Audit Trail from Repository Explorer
MDS-3450 Add -norls parameter to metaload
MDS-3461 New option in Repository Explorer to automatically search a class as well as any subclasses (inherited classes). When displaying associated objects for a relationship, objects from inherited classes are included.
MDS-3575 Provide ability to compare objects along with collection of objects in Repository Explorer.
MDS-3787 Add NumberOfDynamicColumns property to FunctionTable class.