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Teradata OLAP Server Release Definition

Teradata OLAP Server
Release Number
June 2015
English (United States)
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Product Category
Teradata Tools and Utilities
Tools designed for the Teradata OLAP Portfolio optimize the Teradata Database platform as a ROLAP platform for multidimensional analytics. The tools include:
  • Teradata Aggregate Designer
  • Teradata Schema Workbench
  • Teradata OLAP Connector
  • Teradata OLAP Server

Teradata Aggregate Designer consumes cube schema (multi-dimensional models), recommends AJIs based on cube structure, allows the editing and creation of AJIs, and generates the appropriate DDL to create these AJIs in the Teradata Database. Also, Teradata Aggregate Designer allows exploring AJIs in the Teradata Database, examining the SQL usage of these AJIs, and deleting ineffective AJIs.

Use Teradata Schema Workbench to define OLAP metadata, such as cubes, dimensions, hierarchies, measures, and calculations. Additionally, Teradata Schema Workbench enables defining role-based security for these objects to control access when running multidimensional queries.

Each of these components can work together or independently to create, optimize, and accelerate the use of Teradata for Business Intelligence.

A workflow including all four Teradata BI tools consists of the following steps:
  1. Define the schema for the targeted OLAP solution.
  2. Use Teradata Schema Workbench to create a new schema.
  3. Publish the schema definition to Teradata BI Model Repository, allowing Teradata OLAP Connector and Teradata OLAP Server access.
  4. Export the schema definition into an XML file to serve as input to Teradata Aggregate Designer.
  5. Teradata Aggregate Designer reads the schema definition files and uses it to qualify the usage of AJIs.
  6. Teradata Aggregate Designer builds and deploys the AJIs.
  7. Teradata OLAP Connector enables Microsoft Excel or other MDX-based tools to connect directly to Teradata Database. Teradata OLAP Server enables XMLA-based tools to do the same. Both Teradata OLAP Connector and Teradata OLAP Server use the schema definition defined by Teradata Schema Workbench for MDX to SQL optimization.
Teradata BI Model Repository Workflow