17.00 - Changes and Additions - Teradata Package for Python

Teradata® Package for Python User Guide

Teradata Package for Python
Release Number
November 2021
English (United States)
Last Update
The table lists changes and additions in this release of the Teradata Package for Python User Guide, B700-4006.
Date Release Description
November 2021
  • Added new section for teradataml Window Aggregates;
  • Updated Regular Aggregate Functions supported by DataFrame, Regular Aggregate Functions supported by DataFrame Column, and Time Series Aggregate Functions;
  • Added new section for BYOM;
  • Added new examples for PMMLPredict and H2OPredict using external models;
  • Updated the description and examples of to_pandas() function to introduce the FastExport protocol;
  • Added new fastexport() function;
  • Added new options: temp_view_database, temp_table_database, byom_install_location, val_install_location, and blob_length;
  • Added new DataFrame column SQL function: desc, asc, distinct;
  • Updated User Permissions in Vantage;
  • Updated load_example_data() function with new examples and note;
  • Updated Teradata's recommendation regarding using fully qualified table name while creating a dataframe.
April 2021 No changes to this User Guide.
March 2021
  • Added new DataFrame Manipulation methods map_row() and map_partition();
  • Updated Script and Script methods, added new Sandbox Container Utility functions and teradataml configuration option 'sandbox_container_id';
  • Added new print_options() function;
  • Added new Database Utilities functions db_python_package_detials() and view_log();
  • Updated to_pandas() function with new argument and example;
  • Updated arguments and examples of DataFrame management functions;
  • Added new User Permissions requirements and examples in Limitations and Consideration.
July 2020
  • New and updated DataFrame functions and examples;
  • New General Functions;
  • Script and Script methods;
  • Model Cataloging;
  • Using teradataml with Native Object Store;
  • teradataml Extension with SQLAlchemy.