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November 2021
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Use the delete_model() API to remove the information of a saved model from the Model Catalog, and optionally also delete the model tables associated with the model.

The required argument name specifies the name of the model to be deleted.

The optional argument delete_objects specifies whether to drop the model objects as well:
  • If True, the model objects related to the model are deleted/dropped.
  • If False, only the information from the catalog will be removed.

    This is the default value.

A model can only be deleted by its creator.

Example Prerequisites

Follow the steps in save_model() to create a classification tree model that can be input to DecisionForestPredict and save the generated model.

Example: Only delete model information from the Model Catalog.

>>> delete_model('decision_forest_model')
Deleted model 'decision_forest_model' successfully.
Model Objects that can be dropped: ['"ALICE"."ml__td_decisionforest0_1589787736719763"', '"ALICE"."ml__td_decisionforest1_1589794611679956"', '"ALICE"."ml__td_sqlmr_out__1589787498246673"'].

Example: Delete model information from the Model Catalog and drop model objects as well.

>>> delete_model('decision_forest_model', True)
Deleted model 'decision_forest_model' successfully.
Model Objects dropped successfully.