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Teradata Package for Python
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November 2021
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Teradata Vantage

When Connected to Teradata Vantage with Advanced SQL Engine Only

If you connect to Vantage without a ML Engine installed and request to run teradataml analytic functions that execute on ML Engine, the system will return an error.

For example:
TeradataMlException: [Teradata][teradataml](TDML_2102) Failed to execute SQL:
teradatasql.OperationalError: [Version] [Session 76702] [Teradata Database] [Error 3707] 
Syntax error, expected something like ')' between the word 'ConfusionMatrix' and '('.")'

The Teradata Package for Python is fully featured when connected to Vantage with Advanced SQL Engine and ML Engine.

When connecting to Vantage with Advanced SQL Engine only, the only analytic functions available to the teradataml users are the ones that execute on the Advanced SQL Engine.

To invoke and use teradataml analytic functions available on the ML Engine, your Vantage system must consist of both Advanced SQL Engine and ML Engine.

Using Function with New Arguments on Vantage1.0

Following functions are updated by adding new arguments.

Analytic Functions Newly added arguments

(Only supported on Vantage 1.1 or later)

AdaBoost categorical_encoding
DecisionForest categorical_encoding
DecisionTree categorical_encoding
KNN 'accumulate' and 'output_prob'
RandomSample setid_as_first_column
VarMax 'order_p', 'order_d', 'order_q', 'seasonal_order_p', 'seasonal_order_d', 'seasonal_order_q'
These arguments are supported only on Vantage 1.1 or later. If used with Vantage 1.0, the following error will show:
[Teradata Database] [Error 4382] Argument {argument-name} is not defined in the function mapping definition

Using Sampling Function on Vantage1.0

Using Sampling function on Vantage 1.0 will result in following error. This function is now only supported on Vantage1.1 or later.
[Teradata Database] [Error 4381] Only one ON clause with either undefined or empty correlation name can be mapped to ANY in function mapping definition.