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Examples for all regular expression functions can be found at: <pkg_install_location>\teradataml\data\notebooks\sqlalchemy\Teradata Vantage Regular Expressions Using SQLAlchemy.ipynb.

Examples in notebooks will help to understand on how values can be passed and these functions cane be used in teradataml.

Supported functions

S/N Function Name Description
1 REGEXP_SUBSTR Extracts a substring from source_string that matches a regular expression specified by regexp_string.
2 REGEXP_REPLACE Replaces portions of source_string that match regexp_string with the replace_string.
3 REGEXP_INSTR Searches source_string for a match to regexp_string.
4 REGEXP_SIMILAR Compares source_string to regexp_string and returns integer value.
Refer to SQL Documentation for more details on these functions and their signature.

Unsupported functions