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With the help of SQLAlchemy, in teradataml, user not only can run SQL functions, but also can run some other features that Vantage offers. Basically, user can use SQLAlchemy ClauseElments, representing select_expression clauses in query.

teradataml can use SQLAlchemy ClauseElements to do following:

  • Build a CASE expression on teradataml DataFrame column and select the using DataFrame.assign().
  • Cast a teradataml DataFrame column.
  • Select distinct values from a teradataml DataFrame Column.
  • Extract values from teradataml column, using EXTRACT function.

Refer to example notebook <pkg_install_location>\teradataml\data\notebooks\sqlalchemy\teradataml assign() - Using Generic SQLAlchemy ClauseElements (Case, Cast, Extract, Distinct).ipynb to learn about these.