Query Banding Considerations - Parallel Transporter

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February 2022
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Available through the Load, Update, Stream, Export, SQL Selector, SQL Inserter and DDL operators, use the QueryBandSessInfo attribute to set the query banding feature of Vantage.

The QueryBandSessInfo attribute may be specified as an ARRAY attribute so that operators for which the QueryBandSessInfo attribute is available can send a separate SET QUERY_BAND request to the database for each entry of query band data in the array attribute.

There are two interaction items to consider for systems that are using Teradata Dynamic Workload Manager (Teradata DWM) and Teradata PT:
  • Teradata Dynamic Workload Manager classifies the first utility-specific command in for a Teradata PT operator. Classification is based on query bands if the QueryBandSessInfo attribute contains one or more values.
  • When the QueryBandSessInfo attribute contains one or more values, the system sets a flag in the session context so that all subsequent operator commands are not classified. This ensures that all work for the operator runs at the same priority and workload definition.
  • When the Delay option is specified, the TENACITY/TenacityHours and SLEEP/TenacitySleep attributes become ineffective for that job because Teradata DWM will automatically delay a logon until it is eligible to run.