Utilizing TDCH in TPT Scripts via the TDCH-TPT Interface - Parallel Transporter

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February 2022
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  • The TDCH-TPT interface is a bridge between TPT and TDCH. The TDCH-TPT interface extends TDCH to support Hadoop file and table transfers to TPT, and vice versa. This interface gives TPT users the ability to utilize all of the pre-existing TDCH functionality within a TPT script, and gives TDCH users the ability to utilize TPT-specific functionalities alongside TDCH.
  • When a TPT job script includes the DataConnector operator alongside any of the TDCH-specific Hadoop attributes, the DataConnector operator will launch a TDCH job using those TDCH-specific Hadoop attributes supplied in the TPT script. Once TDCH has validated the attribute values and filled in defaults for any missing attributes, TDCH will submit the job to the MapReduce framework. Once the map tasks have been initialized on the nodes in the Hadoop cluster, they will connect to the DataConnector operator and begin transferring data. The HadoopProperties attribute can be used to specify one or more Hadoop properties and their values (separated by spaces) which will then be used by TPT when submitting the Hadoop command internally.
  • The TDCH-TPT interface depends on the TDCH jar file. The latest certified TDCH jar file is included with the TPT installation and will be the one used by default. However, if the use of a different TDCH jar file is desired, the user can set the TDCH_JARFILE environment variable to be the fully qualified filename of the desired TDCH jar. This one will then be used instead of the included TDCH jar file.