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Use the following syntax to compile and link source files into a shared object module for notify exit routines on IBM AIX client systems:

Compile Syntax

Link Syntax


IBM AIX Syntax for Notify Exit Routines 
Syntax Element Description
-be:export_dynamn.txt Linker option that exports the symbol "_dynamn" explicitly and the file export-dynamn.txt contains the symbol.
-bexpall Option that exports all global symbols, except imported symbols, un-referenced symbols defined in archive members, and symbols beginning with an underscore (_).
-brtl Option that tells the linkage editor to accept both .so and .a library file types.
-c Compiler option specifying to not send object files to the linkage editor.
cc Call to the program that invokes the native UNIX C compiler.
-e_dynamn Option that sets the entry point of the notify exit routine to _dynamn.
-fPIC Compiler option that generates Position Independent Code for all notify exit routines.
-G Option that produces a shared object-enabled for use with the runtime linker.
-lc Link with the /lib/libc.a library.
ld Call to the program that invokes the native UNIX linker.
-lm Link with the /lib/libc.a library.
-o Switch to the linker.
objectfile File that the compiler generates and linker uses to generate shared-object-name.
shared-object-name The shared-object-name can be any valid UNIX file name.

This is the name you specify in the NotifyExit attribute value supplied in the operator definition section of a job script.

When creating a shared object module for a notify exit routine, if the notify exit routine uses functions from an external library, then that library must be statically linked with the notify exit routine so that Teradata PT can resolve the external references.

sourcefile UNIX file name(s) of the source file(s) for your notify exit routine.