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February 2022
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When you use the ODBC operator in a Teradata PT job, Teradata PT directs one instance of the operator to do the following:

  1. Log on to a SQL session with an ODBC-compliant data source.
  2. Send the SELECT request specified in the operator attribute 'SelectStmt' to the data source.
  3. Retrieve the data returned from the data source.
  4. Send data to the Teradata PT data streams.
  5. Log off the SQL session.
  6. If the ODBC operator job is successful, terminate the job and report the total number of records exported from the database.
  7. If the job is unsuccessful, terminate the job and provide information about the job so that you can correct any problem and restart the job.
The ODBC operator does the following:
  • Accesses many ODBC-compliant data sources, for example, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, etc.
  • Runs on all Teradata PT supported platforms
  • Reads data close to the sources (from the same machine where Teradata PT is running, as opposed to across a network)
  • Feeds data (via a data stream) directly to the database without the need of an intermediate staging platform.