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Parallel Transporter
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February 2022
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  • Though the ODBC operator supports multiple instances, if the schema has at least one deferred mode LOB column defined, the ODBC Operator uses only one instance to do the data fetch. So for better performance with the LOB types, it is advised to use only one instance.
  • The ODBC operator also supports the usage of multiple LOB columns in the schema. Also you can use a combination of inline and deferred columns in the schema.
  • The inline method will only support length values less than or equal to 64000 bytes.
  • The ODBC operator does not support enhanced LOB functionality.

    For more information, see Enhanced LOB Support.

  • Prior to Teradata PT 17.00, the TPT Infrastructure returned a size of 64,000 bytes when an inline LOB (CLOB, BLOB, and XML) does not have a size in the TPT schema.

    Starting in TPT 17.00, the TPT Infrastructure returns a size of 2,097,088,000 bytes for such LOB types. As a result, the ODBC operator cannot proceed for such LOB types. The ODBC operator will terminate with the following error message:

    TPT17212 Error: The TPT ODBC operator cannot proceed, because the schema is greater than 1024000 bytes and the schema has inline LOB

    To get around the TPT17212 error, specify a size of 64000 bytes for the inline LOB(s) in the TPT schema.